• $1249.00 -  3 Calendar Date Trophy hunt with two nights lodging -1 Trophy buck and 2 wild hogs (per hunter)
  • $695.00 - 2 1/2 Day Meat hunt with lodging in January 2019   2 wild hogs and a cull buck meat buck you can also harvest coyotes and bobcats $695.00.  (per hunter) no doe kills .
  • $2000.00 - 5  Calendar Date Trophy hunt with 4 nights lodging -  Trophy buck and unlimited hogs (per hunter)

  Dates open    2017 we just had a cancellatiom for the cream of the crop  "THE RUT"NOV 20-22  2017       We also have dates open from Dec 18th-24th 2017

We offer a 3-calendar date trophy whitetail hunt complete with lodging and guide service. This hunt is $1249.00 per hunter. You can harvest a trophy buck and 2 wild hogs. This hunt includes lodging and NO added trophy fees of any kind.

We also offer a 5-calendar date trophy deer hunt with lodging for $2000.00 per hunter (no added trophy fees). This hunt includes 1 trophy buck and unlimited hogs.

In Addition we also offer a 2 1/2 Day meat hunt complete with lodging and a guide to take you to and from your stand. You have the opportunity to harvest , 2 wild hogs and a cull/meat buck (non-trophy) for $695.00 per hunter January only. These hunts are very popular and we are now booking for January of 2019.

Texas whitetail deer can be found on each of our hunting ranches. To ensure the best opportunity for harvesting a deer we invest a lot of time and money into maintaining the population. We provide wildlife with spring and fall food plots, perennial grass and summer fields. We also plant winder deer food plots which are best for bringing in whitetail deer, wild boar and rio grande turkey. Feeders on our ranches run year- round and we have an excellent source of water sourrounded by heavy woods. Hunting locations are enhanced with feeders at each stand site and each stand is setup along buffer zones, escape routes, buck bedding ares and doe family unit trails.

Additional information can be found on our information and map page.

For information or to book a hunt, please call or text 940-456-0685.