• Standard Hog Hunt Package- $495.00 -  3 calender date hunt with 2 nights  lodging and unlimited hogs (per hunter)  NOW BOOKING FOR 2019
  • Hog Dove Combo Package - $545.00 - 3 calendar date hunt with 2 nights  lodging - combo dove and unlimited hogs (per hunter)
  • Supreme Hog Hunt Package - $990.00 - 5 calendar date hunt with 4 nights lodging and unlimited hogs (per hunter)

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We offer above and beyond hunting for wild hogs in Texas.  We feed out of gravity flow  creep feeders and electric ones as well as bait on the ground that provides the wild hogs all they can eat without fail.  This method of feeding allows a lot of hogs to eat day and night  We see and harvest a lot of hogs.  All our feeders are set up less than a ten minute walk to a good water source with heavily covered woods.  Water is a big factor to wild hogs - they can't sweat and rely on water to cool them down.  This gives you the  edge when hunting in our blinds. We hunt hogs both day or night with the aid of the trail camera we can pattern the best hours for your hunt as we CARE  that you're hunting when the hogs are up and moving (best opportunity!) ,not when they're sleeping, For night hunting we have hog lights that detects hog motion and only comes on at night when motion is detected at the feeder     


We offer weekend or weekday hunting packages complete with two nights lodging across three calender dates and a guide to take you to and from the stands that have been scouted and baited over five days prior to your arrival. Trail cams have been checked and your hunt includes unlimited hogs with no trophy fees.Tipping your guide for all of their hard work is appreciated.

Your hunt includes lodging and unlimited hogs. The hunt is semi-guided with transportation to and from the stands. The cost of the hunt with lodging is $495.00. The deposit is $160.00 per hunter by Mastercard or Visa. This secures your hunt and the fee is applied to the overall cost of the hunt.

We are now booking hunts for the 2019-2020 seasons. 

We also offer a Dove/Hog hunt combo in September. This hunt complete with lodging is only $555.00 per hunter.

Please access the information and map page for additional info.

Please note - we highly recommend using a .270 caliber or greater for hog hunting.  .223 and even 6.5 have proved to be marginal at best.  In addition, a good optic capable of good light gathering is optimal.

Below you will find Videos and Pictures of past clients

Large Boar Taken (YouTube