Information and Location:

Location: Set GPS for Graham, Texas. Please call so we can direct you to your cabin.The closest airport is DFW. We are approximately 1 hours and 45 minutes away.


  • All hunters must have a Texas hunting license. They are            available at any Walmart in Texas.
  • Each hunter needs to bring heavy-duty plastic garden bags and provide to guide upon arrival (for meat packing/storage)
  • Please No Check in after 7pm.
  • Camouflage clothing for all conditions (rain gear).
  • Bring flashlight (NO Spotlighting at stands).
  • Night vision is allowed for hog hunting.   
  • 270 or larger caliber rifle is good for hog hunts. .223 is inadequate.
  • Bring a large cooler and a cleaning knife.
  • Spring turkey hunts only - No fall turkey hunts.
  • We have no trophy fees.
  • Bring rubber boots.
  • We recommend each hunter brings binoculars.
  • Bring large trash bags and paper towels for game  meat.
  • Each hunter needs to bring scent cover spray to the blind.
  • Bring disposable (latex) gloves.
  • For those flying in, you will need to rent a pick-up truck as you will be lodging on a remote ranch.
  • Grills are charcoal
  • ​Bow hunters: feel free to bring your favorite bow chair or stool.
...... Bring food and drinks

There are no refunds - rebook only - No exceptions!

We do not accept checks.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Blaze orange is not required.
  • You're allowed to clean your own game at no cost or have your  guide clean your game - $40.00 and up to $100.00 pending on size..  
  • We have no added charge per pound or trophy fees.         
  • The cabin(s) have a fire pit and a charcoal grill.
  • Our cabins are equipped with Dish TV, stove, coffee pot, microwave, all bedding, heat and air, full size fridge, full size bathrooms with showers, towels and toilet paper.
  • We can arrange for meat to be shipped (additional cost).. Please text James for details.
  • Taxidermy services available for deer and hog mounts (additional cost).
  • Fly into DFW or Love Field and rent a car.
  • Ranches are located 2 hours Northwest of Dallas, Texas.
  • Bring food and drink. Local restaurants are 15 minutes from lodging.
  • Make arrangements with airline to transport firearms. 
  • This is low fence, free range, fair chase hunting (no high fence).
  • We do not sell hunting licenses. They are available at any Wal-Mart in Texas.
  • Hunting license fees are subject to change. From one year to the next
  • Deep freezers available to store meat.
  • We can pack and ship meat - just ask us.
  • We recommend a minimum of .270 caliber for hogs