• $495.00 - 2 1/2 days with lodging - one tom (per hunter)
  • $890.00 - 3 1/2 days with lodging - two toms (per hunter)

Let's talk about our wild turkey hunting. We have worked very hard to build a large population of Rio Grande Toms and it's worked out very well. We have five ranches over three counties in North Texas to hunt and we feed our turkey year round. North Texas is a hot spot for any turkey hunter. Hands down no state/region has more Rio Grande turkey than North Texas. We hunt our hunters in ground and brush blinds at 'strut zones' where you can use decoys and call the big Toms in. For new/inexperienced hunters we lean towards hunting stand over feeder for a great experience.

It's best to call or text for booking a hunt. Call or text to 940-456-0685. We offer weekend or weekday hunting packages complete with two nights lodging across three calender dates and a guide to take you to and from the stands that have been scouted and baited over five days prior to your arrival. Trail cams have been checked and your hunt includes a tom turkey and unlimited hogs with no trophy fees. Tipping your guide for all of their hard work is appreciated.

Book your dream turkey hunt complete with lodging. Call or text to 940-456-0685.

Your hunt includes a tom turkey and unlimited hogs. The hunt is semi-guided with transportation to and from the stands/ranch. The cost of the hunt with lodging is $495.00 (per hunter). The deposit is $140.00 by Mastercard or Visa. This secures your hunt and the fee is applied to the overall cost of the hunt.

We are now booking hunts for the 2017 season.

We also offer a two tom hunting package with lodging and a guide. This hunt includes two toms and unlimited hogs. This hunt us $890.00.

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